Although Chabad is based on the Jewish teachings of the Torah, our community is inclusive and offers a safe environment in which residents can freely explore their spirituality, regardless of their denomination.  We do our best to allow our clients to define their sense of spiriturality no matter what they believe in. Our goal is to give each client a safe place to explore this sensitive topic at their own pace.

Vocational Counseling

To assist clients to matriculate through the program and successfully re-enter society, Chabad offers vocational training to facilitate ongoing, post-treatment recovery. Prior to finish the program clients will be able to work on their resume, prepare for interviews, apply for school and more. Each client is different and each discharge plan is catered direcrtly to them.


What we cannot do alone, we do together. Battling addiction is easier done when receiving support from fellow addicts and/or alcholics. Our program incorporates a strong sense of unity among both our current clients and alumni. You will often see alumni visiting and carrying on their message of hope and recovery.


Chabad offers intensive individual psychotherapy and group therapy to foster awareness of the hidden psychological issues that underlie addiction. Our clinicians are caring and compassionate. We individually screen each clinician and ascertain that they meet our high standards

12 step

Chabad incorporates 12 step theory into the client’s treatment plan, effectively creating a comprehensive strategy for arresting their addiction that covers every facet of their needs. The 12 steps have proven to be a very effective method in allowing our clients to acheive long term sobriety and recovery. Our clients regularly attend 12 step meetings both in and out of our facility.


Chabad stresses the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a tool of recovery and continuing mental health. We offer our clients many options to achieve their goals. Our schedule includes daily trips to a state of the art gym, early morning hikes, acupuncture, weekly outings to the beach or park and special trips.