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Since opening in 1972, Chabad Residential Treatment Center has successfully treated thousands of men suffering from substance abuse issues. Treatment at Chabad is comprehensive and employs the most current, evidence-based protocols set forth by the National Institute on Drug Abuse in Washington D.C.. Despite treating men from extremely diverse backgrounds, the success rate for those who graduate from Chabad is far above the national recovery rate, and today many of our graduates remain drug free and enjoy productive, long-term recovery.

Chabad’s primary care program combines innovative clinical services with an intensive therapeutic curriculum that is designed to address the full spectrum of the client’s needs. Because each client entering treatment has specific issues that are unique to their circumstances, the treatment plan created between the client, their therapist, and the treatment team, is specifically tailored to ensure that the needs of that individual are met.

The treatment objectives during primary care are geared at addressing the issues that emerge during early recovery. Client services include individual therapy, group therapy, 12 Step participation, as well as family and couples counseling. As treatment progresses and the client’s awareness of their underlying issues increases, focus shifts from primary, acute-care to aftercare, with an emphasis placed upon honing the tools that will be necessary to foster ongoing sobriety outside of the residential environment.

Ultimately, Chabad focuses on establishing a structure that places special significance on the ethical and moral growth that is so vital to the development of personal integrity. Accordingly, although the program is non-sectarian, it is based on the traditional values of the Jewish Torah and is a Glatt Kosher and Cholev Yisroel program. Chabad’s goal is to give each client the foundation necessary to lead an alcohol and drug free life as a productive member of society. 

Chabad is centrally located in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles, CA, with easy access to major thoroughfares and public transportation.